Soft Curls With a Twist

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We love this soft, breezy look to achieve soft curls with a twist. It’s a red carpet favorite that you can easily achieve on your own. Stylist Devin Brov offers all the quick steps and master tips you need to create your Pretty, Beachy Waves…


What You Need:

  • Wide-tooth and Fine-tooth combs
  • Hair clips
  • Small hair elastic
  • Curling iron
  • Bobby pins
  • Product Recommendation: ORIBE Apres Beach and/or Dry Texture Spray




Steps & Tips

– Brush hair, section in half and begin curling at bottom

– Begin by curling the first front section, start away from face, leaving last inch of section out of curling iron

– Alternate each section curl forward and then back

– Repeat same curling pattern on other side, remembering to start with curling away from face

– Once complete, release top section of hair and style the same as bottom, keeping the front section away from face

– Finish off your style with ORIBE Dry Texture Spray or ORIBE Apres Beach, then separate curls with wide-tooth comb (tip: this technique will give your hair the perfect volume and curl)

– Using the curl you’ve created, comb the hair back and create a section at crown of your head

– Using a fine-tooth comb, tease the back of the crown section to create more volume

– Once done, cover teased section with front section that was left out to give it a smooth finish and secure with bobby pins

– To enhance this look with something simple, put two, two-strand twists on either side. Once finished with twist, you can gentle pull pieces to side to enlarge them

– Pull back the two twists and pin them below the crown section previously teased.

To achieve an updo, read on HERE.

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