This Month’s Featured Kelektiv Kreator– Seth Baker

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This Month’s Featured Kelektiv Kreator–  Seth Baker

This month’s featured Salon Kelektiv stylist is lead makeup artist Seth Baker. His broad talent, impressive portfolio and congenial charm make him one of the greatest assets to our Kelektiv team.

It’s a strong-held philosophy here at SK that you should NEVER have to worry about your makeup on your big day. Whether it’s prom night, your wedding day or an anniversary well deserved, hiring an experienced makeup artist who gets you to that flawless finish line is priceless.

Look stunning for your prom pictures, slay those work headshots, or take your partner’s breath away as you walk down the aisle, take a few minutes and read on as Seth weighs in on a few makeup dos and don’ts for all life’s big occasions…

Q. What are some common mistakes brides can make when it comes to wedding day makeup?

Most brides think they want a natural look, but if your makeup is too subtle, your wedding pictures are not going to make you happy. There’s a fine line between a natural look and using enough product to make for stunning photography. You really need a professional to help you achieve that balance.

On the other side of the coin, some brides think they should look dramatically different on their wedding day. While I love to go for drama in the makeup chair, I sometimes have to remind my brides that ultimately, they’re going to want to see themselves in those wedding photos. So if I were to write a makeup mantra, it would be, “Do you, but add enough product so that you look and feel your best.”

Q. What are some of the ways a client can prepare for her first makeup trial?

Do your research! Find pictures of women with features or hair color similar to yours so you can visualize what you will look like and, most importantly, achieve the look you’re going for. This really helps your makeup artist get an accurate sense of what you want, which will make you happier in the end.

Also, work with an artist that listens to you! I spend a lot of time getting to know my clients, especially my brides. I know how important my role is in their big day, and I believe it is my job to think about the makeup, not theirs.

Q. Any must-follow beauty tips or pieces of advice for anyone scheduled for the makeup chair?

I am so glad you asked this!

  • Wash your face every morning and never go to bed with makeup on.
  • Stay hydrated!! Drink at least five glasses of water daily.
  • The day before your wedding or event, avoid tanning, waxing, peels, or any facial or laser treatment.
  • I mentioned this one earlier, but it’s worth saying twice: Make sure your makeup is YOU. You don’t need to try a totally new look on your wedding day. You’ll be more confident if you feel like yourself. (of course if your event is one that you really want to enter with flair, the rails can come down…and we can go create whatever look you’re hoping for).
  • Finally, DON’T stress about makeup on your big day! That’s what a trial is for—to find someone with the skills that knowledge to make you look your best.

Q. Is there anything you’d like us to know about what drives your passion for makeup?

I love doing bridal and event makeup. Filling this role on such an important day in someone’s life is a huge honor that I take very seriously.

That being said, I have a real passion for experimenting with makeup and transforming my subjects with wild, beautiful, bold product. Brides, please heed the advice above and stay in your comfort zone on your wedding day, but if an occasion should arise that requires you to step out and amp things upI’m the guy for that, too.

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