This Month’s Featured Kelektiv Kreator– Devin Broy

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This Month’s Featured Kelektiv Kreator–  Devin Broy

Creating an environment that fosters creativity and originality is an essential ingredient to Salon Kelektiv’s success; Devin is proof that our commitment to our people, their passions, artistry and professional advancement …is an investment worth making.

Devin has become one of our most sought-after stylists; and her fun and whimsical braids to stunning and gorgeous color creations have often been the focus of Salon Kelektiv social media buzz.

We’re celebrating Devin’s success by featuring her as this month’s Kelektiv Kreator. Join us for a quick Q&A with Devin, and find out why we’re so smitten with this talented young stylist…

Q. What are your favorite services as a stylist and why?

My favorite thing to do is style hair, and I really love cool braids. My interest in braiding started when I was in elementary school. My sister would spend hours braiding my hair, and it always ended up so intricate and beautiful.

In my professional training, it was color techniques that really inspired my creative bug. I fell in love with vibrant fashion tones while I was in cosmetology school. Through the help of my sister, I transitioned into platinum blonde, and then began experimenting with a combination of beautiful bright colors. Our shared love for hair and my sister’s endless creativity really inspired me to turn this passion into a career that I love.

Q. What are some of the favorite looks that have come out of your chair?

Purple Pulp Riot Melt: Purple is my favorite color, and being able to use it in any shade is fun for me. This was definitely one of my favorite looks as it created a beautiful blend of plum to lavender!

Boho Braid – This simple combination of twists and braids was created while I was in cosmetology school. Not only is it an elegant look, but it’s also quick and easy to create!

Q. Do you have any tips for your style clients?

It’s a common misconception to come into a style appointment with dirty hair so it’s easier to style. Come with your hair already washed and dried for the best style,we can always add texture and grip with our incredible selection of products!

Q. Do you have any tips for your color clients?

Be prepared and understanding with your expectations for your color.  Especially for clients going blonde, it may take a couple sessions to get to your desired result to protect the integrity of your hair and keep your locks long and healthy! Trust that your stylist wants to take the best possible care of your hair so that you can get the end result you’ve been dreaming of.  


Q. What are THE must-have products you recommend to your clients?

Skyline from R+Co! Not only is it a dry shampoo that soaks up oil but it also adds amazing texture and volume, which makes it a great product for clean hair as well! 

We could not be more proud of Devin’s success and we’re thrilled to have a front row seat to this super star’s rise. If you’re looking for a fresh look and great person to spend an hour or two with, contact us today to schedule your next appointment with Devin.

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